Natural History Museum Opens in Salt Lake City!

11.17.11 by Cathi Webb

I can hardly wait! The new Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City opens tomorrow! I am dismayed that all the tickets are sold out for the “first look”, but excited that we will have this amazing state of the art facility in our backyard from now on. The sneak peaks on the website are enough to give you a sense of something unique and special dawning on the mountainsides of Salt Lake City. The building itself is a work of art. Nestled on a terraced landscape on the east side of the valley, the exterior is made of copper mined right here in the valley and seems to be a part of the mountain itself. The environment around the building has been designed to begin your experience upon your arrival. And you can arrive by hiking to the trail head as the Museum is located right along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. I am really anxious to see the huge gathering place called The Canyon that is a magnificent view in its own right and gives one a view back into the valley and the city; it also holds 500 collectibles.
Although you do not have to make reservations, it is recommended that you do, especially for the opening through Thanksgiving Weekend.

2 Responses to “Natural History Museum Opens in Salt Lake City!”

  1. David Grover says:

    This is what I love about Utah, museums, ski resorts, bowling alley’s, laser tag and of course, lots of National Parks to explore! Heck, I’ve lived here 25 years and still haven’t explored all of Utah yet!

  2. Robyn Orme says:

    I agree David, Utah is FABULOUS with so many things to explore and do.

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