Snowbird Celebrates 40 Years!

12.21.11 by Cathi Webb

Snowbird is 40 years old. Hard to believe. I remember when it opened up (yes, I realize this dates me, too.) It was great right from the start. The snow was terrific and the staff eager to please. My sister and I took our little ones for lessons and they came away with a great love for skiing that continues to this day. I remember a light, fluffy snow was falling as we stood at the foot of the slope when we arrived that morning and the sky was blue with a shinning sun by the afternoon; it was a perfect day.

Snowbird has a very high level skiing experience that has powder lovers like my son scrambling to get “first tracks” after a new snowfall and keeps them there all day because the snow is always good and the runs challenging. Little Cottonwood Canyon is a skiers delight as it offers the intermediate skier a great day as well as the expert.

The Tram at Snowbird is legendary. It has been there since the opening and has brought people from all over the world together in the roomy gondolas. Your whole family or group of friends can walk on and ride together as the most beautiful scenery ever flows by you.

From the beginning, great attention was paid to the surrounding buildings. The idea was to bring the mountain experience inside with wonderful mountain views through the large windows. I love eating an energy lunch looking at the snow-covered hills I just conquered, knowing I have a full afternoon of great skiing ahead of me.
Happy 40th Birthday, Snowbird. And thanks for the memories.

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  1. Robyn Orme says:

    While I didn’t visit Snowbird the first year it opened, my experiences have been like Cathi’s, more than enjoyable. The snowboarding has been great, but I’ve almost equally enjoyed other activities offered: dining, alpine slide, aerial tram rides, hiking and the spectacular views. Congratulations Snowbird, I look forward to 40 more!

  2. Merrianne says:

    Now I feel old!
    I remember living in the dorms at the University of Utah. I was here from Connecticut, and a lot of my east coast friends had come, primarily, because of “The Bird”. There was a bus you could catch right above the dorms. My friend Jill had come from Colorado, how’s that for Utah snow superiority!!

    I remember sorority/fraternity formals at Snowbird. Or dining at the Mexican Keyhole. (Is that right?) I’ve always loved Snowbird, and all of the amazing mountain country that we have been blessed with!

    Happy Birthday Snowbird, and many more!!!

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