A Ski Parent’s Dream Come True

01.27.12 by Tristan Webb

You know what I’m talking about.  Every family ski day morning finding coats, pants, hats, socks, boots . . .and going back for the forgotten goggles and helmet . . .and back again for the forgotten again skis.  Then getting to the ski resort and buying the overpriced forgotten gloves.  Then hearing, “I don’t want to ski.”  Then hearing, “it’s too cold.”  Then . . . . well as I said:  You know what I’m talking about.  Soon, you realize that instead of working and fighting just to ski the bunny hill all day . . .again. . .  Maybe you should just ski without them and wait till they are older to try again.

Hmpfff . . and bah humbug.


Yesterday, I finally realized the dream that kept me going.  My daughter squealed with delight as she skied powder for the first time.  And my son skied his first off trail black diamond run, “Vail Ridge”, knee deep in powder.  Thank you Alta.  Thank you Snow Fairy.  Thank you to all the other parents who fight the good ski family fight.  And thank you, kiddos, for fulfilling my dreams.

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