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01.02.12 by Robyn Orme

I am a strong believer in buying local. Whether it is local art, locally grown food, or any locally owned business, I believe in supporting the economy where I live. I also believe that purveying the local pearls cuts down on the need for preservatives in my food, and pollution in my air. Well, Utah Vacation Homes is Utah born and bred. I assumed that people calling would know that we are sitting here in the shadows cast by the great, snow-covered mountains they will come to ski. I was wrong.

I think I am the farthest thing from local that we have here, I came to Utah 33 years ago, (really? AAAGH!!!), for college. As much as I cling to my urbane, New England roots, I am a local. I even sound like a local. Hmmm.

So, to clarify, for those of you who are used to national call centers and anonymous voices on numerous lines: we live here. When you drive to your vacation home, you will pass within 3 miles of us. We are here.

When we tell you to go to The Cotton Bottom for the best Garlic Burger on the planet, we know. When I tell you that “in my opinion” Le Caille is pompous and pricey, well, I was married there, so I know, (it was a beautiful wedding). When I say that Bambara is great, IF they don’t seat you near the kitchen, well, it is true, (-and they did, and I was not happy).

Yes, in fact, if you add together all of the years of combined skiing experience in this office, well, we have something like 167 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE ON THESE SLOPES!!! And of course, we have 231 years of experience eating in these restaurants, playing in these parks, hiking and biking and golfing and….well, there is very little that we have NOT done here.

So please, go local!!

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  1. Merrianne says:

    Hey there, to be fair, I want to update my comments on La Caille. They are under new ownership this year! The last ownership sounded like a soap opera, so maybe the food will rise,now, to meet the level of the ambiance. GOOD LUCK La Caille! We sure want to love you!

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