The Snow is Better Than You Think!

01.04.12 by Robyn Orme

Like much of the nation, snow reports indicate ski conditions aren’t great – however snow totals don’t always accurately depict ski conditions.  We continue to get this question “How is the snow?”  and our truthful answer is “it’s better than you think”.

Ski Utah describes how conditions can be so good despite lower than average snow totals:

  1. Temperatures are cold, resorts are making snow and moving it around their mountains.
  2. Sunny and blue skies make for great experiences for families, friends and groups!  And it’s a great time to introduce a never-ever to our sport.  (January is “Learn to Ski & Snowboard” month).
  3. Groomers are awesome and moguls are challenging.
  4. 106 of 138 lifts are OPEN in Utah!
  5. Some of the snowiest months are yet to come!  February averages as much as 90 inches of snow, March can deliver nearly 100 inches and even April averages 80 inches of The Greatest Snow on Earth ®.

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