Snow, Sunshine, and Unparalleled Service Equals Smiles at Deer Valley Ski Resort

01.06.12 by Tristan Webb

I attended a Park City Area Lodging Association meeting at Deer Valley on Wednesday, Jan 4, 2012 (what a great group of people!).    After the meeting I went outside intending to quickly run to my car to get back to the office.   As I stepped out of the doorway, I was greeted by sun, smiles, and amazing views.   I then noticed a scene unsurprising at Deer Valley.   A Ski Ambassador and Ski Patrol walking with a guest to the chairlift.    I had to stop and ask for a phone photo opp.   They enthusiastically agreed to indulge me, and posed together.   Take a look at those smiles!
Why smiles? 220 million gallons of water was converted to snow in the month of December. 220 MILLION GALLONS! Note – I stated converted, not used. Not lost, or wasted, just converted for a few months. In the spring it will return to mother earth.
Why smiles? 61 Open Runs
Why smiles? Sunshine and perfect family conditions
Why smiles? Unparalleled service. Two employees for each skier on the mountain.
Why smiles? I haven’t even mentioned the gourmet cuisine.
Why smiles? Well – I guess a few other people have been smiling along with me – as evidenced by the unprecedented five years reigning as the #1 Ski Resort in North America as voted by Ski Magazine.

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  1. Merrianne says:

    Thanks for the reminder that skiing is green!

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